The Merry Moo Market & Cafe - Offering Fresh Seafood & Meats

Meats are local from farms in the Mid Atlantic region as well as farms in Rappahannock County, Virginia. 
Animals are raised without antibiotics and growth hormone and are minimally processed when necessary. 
Meats can be special ordered and require one to two days prior notice.Beef cuts are Angus Grade, unless otherwise requested. Many additional cuts available. Please contact us. Average weights below. 

Petite Heritage Hams  2-3lbs 
Applewood Smoked Ham 5-7lbs 
Standing Beef Rib Eye  whole 16-18 lbs  half 7-9lbs   
Boneless Beef Rib Eye whole 12-14 half 5-7lbs
Beef Tenderloin 5lbs
Chateaubriand  28-32oz
Lamb Rack (half or whole) 16 bones or 8 bones
Lamb Leg BRT (Boneless)  whole 7-8lbs half 3-4lbs  
Lamb Leg Bone-In 12-14lbs
Lamb Striplon Roast
Rib Eye Steaks
NY Strip Steaks
Tenderloin Steaks
Pork Chops 
Pork Tenderloin 1.5-3lbs
Standing Pork Roast 10-13lbs
Chicken - Organic - Whole 
Ground Beef- Grass Fed - Thistle Hill Farm

Specialty Meats

by Dartagnan

Lamb Merguez Sausage
Wild Boar Sausage
Chicken with Truffles Sausage
Whole Duck - Magret Duck Breasts - Cooked 1/2 Duck
Rabbit with Ginger Sausage
Duck Sausage 
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