The Merry Moo Market & Cafe - Offering Fresh Seafood & Meats

The Merry Moo Market & Cafe is a small gourmet store and cafe in Marshall, Virginia. 
Fresh meats and seafood, as well as game, arrive three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lunch includes sandwiches and soups from noon until 4pm.

Whole rabbit, duck, duck breasts, whole pheasant and quail accompany a variety of game sausages. Cheeses arrive from countries worldwide. 

Organic dairy products from Trickling Spring Creamery of Pennsylvania includes milk, cream, butter, ice cream and pastured eggs.
Wine. Order your favorite case of wine through the Market. Or choose a bottle from our selection.  

Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm Sunday  Closed

 8348 W. Main Street
Marshall, VA 20115                              
       (540) 827-4711   


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