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Thanksgiving 2018 
Deliveries: Thanksgiving week deliveries will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Whole Turkeys
All Natural Turkey - No antibiotics     $5.99/lb  10-12, up to 28-30 pounds
Bell & Evans - No antibiotics              $6.99/lb     8-10, and up to 28-30 pounds
Organic Turkey, Pennsylvania  Farm,  $7.99/lb  8-10 and up to 20-22 pounds

Turkey Breast
All Natural Turkey Breast w/bone   8-10, 10-12, 12-14 up to 16-18    $8.49/lb
Organic Turkey Breast, PA Farm     4-7 & 7-10    $9.99/lb

Whole Pheasant approx 2.5lbs             $36 each
Whole Goose 10-12lbs                         $10.99/lb
Whole Rabbit  3lbs                               $36 each
Quail     4/pack                                      $26.99 each pack
Duck      5lbs                                         $27/each

 Blue Point Oysters (NY, NJ) – Bushel  $89   
 Bay Shore (MD)  - Bushel                $80    
 Wild James River (VA)                     $85    
***A $25 deposit if required on Turkey, Goose and Oyster orders***

Items from the attached Meat and Seafood lists will be available as well. Special requests are always welcomed. 

Mon until Sat. 11am - 6pm
Prices are subject to change
Prices updated 10/30/18

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